Wildlife Removal in Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County

Frank’s Wildlife Removal is proud to serve the residents of Michigan. One of the counties that we are proud to serve is Washtenaw County. Home to the great city of Ann Arbor, we love just about every aspect of this beautiful county.

Washtenaw County is just one of the counties that we serve in Michigan. Despite being just 43 miles west of Detroit and housing Ann Arbor, one of Michigan’s largest cities, Washtenaw County is largely agricultural. Because of this, Washtenaw County packs a wide variety of wildlife in its 722 square miles. 

Common Wildlife In Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County is home to wildlife that’s common throughout most of the United States. Washtenaw County is home to a large coyote population. Coyotes are a common sight in the urban areas of Washtenaw County. Because of this, they are quite used to human presence. Foxes are another common predator located within Washtenaw County.

Rodents are another common animal within the urban areas of Washtenaw County. Rodents love urban areas and the food that they provide. Brown rats are the most common species of rat found in urban environments. Like most areas in the United States, Washtenaw County is home to a wide species of mice. Squirrels are another very common site. They are very prevalent in urban areas, as well.

Bats are extremely common in Washtenaw County and can create a big issue for homeowners in the county. Bat infestations are one of the most common infestations.

Problems Associated With Wildlife

Though the wide variety of wildlife within Washtenaw County makes walking in the woods beautiful, it comes with some major negative aspects. Animals in and around Ann Arbor have become accustomed to the presence of humans. Because of this, animal infestations are very common. Wildlife won’t fear loud noises and the presence of humans, making it difficult to remove them. Luckily, Frank’s Wildlife Removal is proud to help residents in need of wildlife removal. If you live anywhere in Washtenaw County and need wildlife removal, give Frank’s Wildlife a call today at (810) 691-4967!


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