About Franks Wildlife

Humane Wildlife Removal and exterminator

Frank’s Wildlife Removal is a Michigan-based company that strives to aid in any of your animal removal needs. We’re a local family-owned business that has a love for everything to do with animals. We understand the stress that comes with having any sort of animal-related issues and work hard to make sure that the issues are taken care of. Read on to learn more about Frank’s Wildlife Removal.

Professional And Kind

            We are a professional company and always puts your comfort at the top of our list. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve hired a professional company that works hard to keep you, your family, and the animals safe. We know the stress that you are under and always are sure that you have a sense of security with us. We are honored that you’ve trusted us with your wildlife needs and promise to give you nothing but professionalism throughout the entire ordeal.

A Love For Animals

            We were founded by a deep love of animals and carry that in mind throughout the removal process. We will never put an animal in harm’s way or compromise the animal’s safety in order to get the job done quicker. We take the safety of the animal just as seriously as we do the safety of our crew. If we discover a family of animals living in your home we will never separate them. We also ensure that the animal will survive when we release it back into the wild. We deal with a wide variety of animals.

Wildlife Removal And Repair

            Frank’s Wildlife Removal focuses on removing wildlife from homes and repairing the damage done by the animal. Being experts in wildlife removal, we’re able to take the steps necessary to ensure that the wildlife issue does not return. Our goal is not just to remove the animal from your home but to prevent future infestations as well. We will give you guidance as to how you can prevent future infestations as well as why the animals might be attracted to your home. We will always make sure that the issue ends when the animal is removed from the home. We also have staff on call 24 hours a day for any emergency animal issues. For normal inquiries, our business hours are 9 – 7 every day.

           Frank’s Wildlife Removal will also help in the repair process. We will create an estimate as to how much the repair will cost and gauge whether or not we are able to repair the damages for you. If we are, we will ensure that the repairs are done professionally and correctly. We will repair any hole that the animal used to enter the building in order to prevent the animals from returning. In the case that the damage compromises the structural integrity of the building or is beyond our expertise, we will recommend a professional for you.

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