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Cleanup And Sanitation

Unfortunately, animals love making their nests inside of our homes. These animals will make their nests out of just about anything. Whether insulation, wires, or even drywall, animals will tear it apart and use it for their dens. Aside from physical damage, animals will leave behind their waste products. This, in turn, creates the risk of disease. Frank’s Wildlife Removal is happy to clean the impacted areas of your home in order to ensure the safety of both you and your family members. If you live in Michigan and need help with an infestation, give Frank’s Wildlife Removal a call today!

Why We Clean

Even though it may seem like an extra step that isn’t necessary, cleaning your home after an infestation is incredibly important. Animal waste products can contain a variety of diseases that can harm you in extreme ways. Cleaning after animal removal means that any potential disease that the animal could spread will be removed and the area will be deep-scrubbed, further preventing any potential spread of disease. Sanitizing the area that the animal infested is another crucial step in ensuring the safety of your home. Sanitizing the area actually kills potential bacteria or viruses as opposed to just picking up after the animal.

How It’s Done

While it can sound like a daunting undertaking cleaning up after an animal is much easier than you might think. To begin, we carefully vacuum the area that the animal lived in to ensure that every last dropping is picked up. Before we begin scrubbing the location we double-check that all signs of the animal are gone. We will then perform a deep-scrub of the impacted area to ensure that any potential diseases are killed. We ensure that the smell of the animal is gone as well.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a service that will take proper care of your home is important. Without ensuring that your home is properly cleaned, you are far more likely to be at-risk for falling sick. We ensure that your home is safe to live in and that all members of your household will be safe. We work with you the entire way to ensure that you’re comfortable with what we are doing and understand the entirety of our plan.

If you live in the state of Michigan and need any cleanup services, call Frank’s Wildlife Removal at (810) 691-496

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