GET RID OF Rodent Control (Rats & Mice)ONCE AND FOR ALL

Why You Should Remove Rodents

Rodents can be much more than just a nuisance. Rats and mice can spread disease by contaminating food sources or through their waste droppings. Rats and mice are also known to cause extensive damage to your home that, in most cases, can be quite expensive to fix. Rodents can also cause potential fires due to chewing into wires. If a rat is to chew into wires, they can cause electrical shortages that result in fires. Rats in particular are known to be dangerous. They are known to be aggressive when threatened and can do significant harm to someone who finds themselves in front of a rat that feels cornered.

Why Rodents Come Into Our Homes

            Rodents, much like other animals, search for locations that provide shelter and a food source, Unfortunately for you, this makes your home the perfect spot for rats and mice alike to make their homes.

            Rodents are likely to come into your home during the wintertime or springtime to get out of the cold and give birth to their young. Rodents are likely to stick around in the summertime to raise their young and further improve their nests.

How We Remove Rodents

            Controlling rodents often means that you have to kill the rats or mice inside your home or building. We take proper care of all the dead rodent carcasses in a sanitary way. Frank’s Wildlife Removal will do this using humane and effective methods. We ensure that the rodents aren’t left to suffer and don’t have a chance to increase their populations for a second time.

            If we can, we will use non-lethal traps to control the population by removing the rodents in large groups. In most cases, we will use snap traps or other humane methods to control the population. We will never use poisons when controlling the population, this method is extremely inhumane. Not only will we remove all the rodents present, but we will also ensure that they never return.

 How Do We Keep Rats From Returning

            In order to prevent the rodents from returning, we will seal every last crack or hole that rodents use to enter your home. We cover the holes using materials that rodents are unable to chew through or will have extreme difficulties chewing through. This will frustrate rodents and make them less inclined to return to your home. The rodents will opt to find another location to make their own. This offers further protection from those pesky animals.

            To ensure that your home is completely protected, we will check every square inch of your home to make sure that every last crack or hole is filled. You can have peace of mind knowing that there are no other entrances that rodents can use to invade your home. We will also advise you on how to further protect your home by making your yard less attractive to rodents. We do this by seeing how close your trees or shrubs are to your home and whether or not rodents are likely using them to enter your home. We will also check for other items that rodents are likely attracted to.

            We will also provide advice on how to keep your yard from being attractive to rodents. Our team uses their expertise on rodent infestations to keep rodents from returning to your home.

The Cleanup Process

            We will clean up after rodents, ensuring that any potential health hazards present from the infestation have been thoroughly cleaned. We will sanitize and sterilize any areas that create risk for you or your family. Not only do we clean up the immediate area where the nest was located, but we also ensure that the area has been decontaminated and sterilized. We will also search for any dead rodents that might have died within your walls to ensure that the smell of decomposing rodent doesn’t form in your home.

Working For You

            Frank’s Wildlife Removal is a professional, high-quality service that strives to give you the best experience that we possibly can. Our team is highly communicative and is always happy to answer any questions that you might have throughout the entire process. From the second that we receive your phone call we are hard at work making sure that your issue is taken care of. We will update you throughout the entirety of the process to ensure that you understand what we are doing and why. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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