Where Will Squirrels Live In My Home?

            You’ve most certainly seen squirrels crawling in the trees next to your home. They are extremely common animals, especially in urban areas. But, despite how common they are outdoors, they can make their way into your home! They prefer to be in the attics of homes, which makes the problem even more complicated and destructive. Though they aren’t difficult to trap, the setup needs to be perfect to make sure the squirrel doesn’t get out of the way of the trap.

Why Should I Remove Squirrels?

            Squirrels need to be removed for a few reasons. To start, squirrels are extremely destructive. They will cause extensive damage to your home that can potentially cost thousands of dollars. Squirrels will chew through anything- including wires. This makes them a particularly dangerous pest as they are a major fire hazard.

            The waste products of squirrels will also begin to make the house smell if not taken care of. This can also cause more damage to your home due to waste products staining the materials in the attic. In order to protect your home, removing squirrels is a must.


How We Remove Squirrels

            Before we go about removing the squirrel, we must locate exactly where the squirrel is. We will look for the squirrel itself as well as determine whether or not there are babies present. If we discover that the squirrel did give birth, we will change our plans accordingly.

            When it comes time to remove the squirrel, we make sure that we only use humane methods of removal. We will never poison or kill the squirrel. We won’t put the squirrel at risk of being harmed, either. We take care to only use ethical methods of removal. We will use a trap that is appropriate for the squirrel, ensuring that it’s not too small or too big.

Repairing And Cleaning

            Once the squirrel is removed, our team gets to work cleaning and repairing the area. We ensure that the entrance hole the squirrel used is covered, preventing future infestations. We will inspect the damage caused by the squirrel and create a price estimate for how much damage was caused. We will fix it or, if you’d rather someone else fix it, pass the estimate on to you.  Before leaving the area we will conduct a thorough cleaning to ensure that your family is safe and that there is no risk of disease. Our cleanup process involves the decontamination and sterilization of the impacted area.

            We will also provide advice on how to prevent future infestations. We take note of the environment and whether or not it is likely to attract squirrels. We will advise you on how to make your yard less attractive to squirrels in order to avoid future problems.


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