Frank’s Wildlife Removal begins with a simple phone call. If you suspect that you have an animal infestation, call Frank’s Wildlife Removal at (810) 691-4967

During the phone call, we’ll work to understand precisely what your issue is and how we can help you fix it.

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Professionalism At An Affordable Price

When it comes to us, we offer the most affordable prices for our services. We are a professional company that has years of experience in animal removal. Our team has been trained on how to handle just about any animal and any situation that they might find themselves in. We work hard to ensure that you’re satisfied with our work and always make sure that you understand precisely what our service is. When you work with us, you’re working with the best that’s available.

Price Range Factors

  There are a variety of factors that play a role in our final price. Here a few examples of what we take into consideration when giving you a price range:

  • Different animals require different tools, therefore depending on the animal and the tools necessary to remove it, the price will differ as well.
  • We will also evaluate the risk that our crew is in when it comes to removing the animal. We will base the price on whether or not our crew will be at high-risk when it comes to the removal process.
  • The price will depend on the size of the animal that we’re removing as well. Larger animals will be harder to remove and, therefore, will cost more when removing.


Communication With You

When it comes to communication, Frank’s Wildlife Removal works hard to ensure that you’re being updated throughout the entirety of the removal process. Our staff is trained to answer all of your questions and ensure that you have a total understanding of what the situation is and what it means for you. We have staff available 24-7 if there is an emergency. If the call is not an emergency, call us during our regular hours. Our regular hours are 9 – 7 every day.

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