Frank’s Wildlife Removal is proud to serve all parts of Michigan.

 We at Frank’s Wildlife Removal are experts when it comes to understanding and removing all of the wild animals in Michigan. We work hard all year long, even during the winter, to ensure that your home remains infestation-free.

Wildlife Found In Michigan

There are a wide variety of animals in Michigan. Many animals, such as wolverines, tend to stay away from humans and won’t be an issue to your home. The main animals that we usually deal with include:

Bats are very common in Michigan, some species being a common sight all-year-long. These animals are incredibly common pests in Michigan, especially because of how much they love to make their homes inside of our houses.

Skunks are common throughout the United States and Michigan is no exception. Because of how cold Michigan gets during the winter months, skunks will be drawn to finding warm spots to hunker down.

Squirrels, like anywhere else in the United States, are in everyone’s backyard. Despite how common they are, these pests prefer to live outside. It’s important to note, though, that they will make their way into your home from time to time.

Rodents, both rats and mice, are incredibly common in Michigan. Especially in large urban areas. When it comes to rats, the brown rat is the most common.

 As you can see, the wide variety of animals in Michigan creates the opportunity for humans and animals to come into close contact with another.


We Serve Most of Middle and Lower Michigan

Michigan Climate And Animals

            Michigan’s climate has a major impact on the animals that make their homes here. Michigan has rough winters and, because of that, animals are driven to try and find shelter. This shelter is oftentimes your house. If an animal sees your home as a shelter, they’re inclined to make it where they’ll raise their young as well. In this case, it becomes a bit harder to remove the animals as we’ll now have to remove the babies along with removing the adults.

The springtime is considered to be the prime time for giving birth and raising young. As a result of this, animals are far more inclined to stay inside your home after infesting it. The summertime is when animals are more likely to be outside of your home but many will still come inside seeking the cool temperatures. Wintertime is, by far, the most common time for infestations to occur. The infestations are likely to occur as animals attempt to find warmth and get outside of the cold.

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