Problems Caused By Birds

            There a wide variety of problems that can be caused by birds. The most common problem that homeowners will face with birds is a bird making its nest on or around your roof. This can lead to your roof being covered in bird poop and the noise of the birds becoming cumbersome. There are a few methods that can be taken to prevent bird-associated problems. The most common methods we’ll use are:

  • Bird spikes, pieces of plastic or metal that stick straight up making it uncomfortable for the birds.
  • Shock tracks, similar to bird spikes, but using electricity to provide a small shock to landing birds.

            Birds can create more issues than the ones that were stated above. Birds such as woodpeckers are known to peck on gutters thinking that it’s wood. Though, no, this doesn’t do damage to the house, it creates a loud noise that can become a nuisance. Birds may also enter your house accidentally by flying through an open window. This can harm or kill the bird.

What Happens If A Bird Gets Into The Attic

Though in most cases birds won’t create issues a bird that manages to fly into your attic and make a nest will create some major problems. If there’s a bird in your attic, it’s almost guaranteed that there are babies in the nest along with it. This creates a more complicated situation as the birds are likely to be defensive and protect their babies. This also creates a mess in the attic due to the process that it takes to create a nest. Birds will also leave behind their waste products. This can quickly create an unhealthy environment in your attic.

 When removing birds, the first step is to remove the baby birds if they are present. Once the babies are safely removed, there are two options. The first option is to place a one-way exclusion trap to prevent the parents from returning to the attic. The bird will be captured, ensuring that the adults and babies can be reunited, and the birds won’t be separated. The other option is to trap and remove the bird inside the attic using a cage.

When we trap a bird, we ensure that we follow all regulations laid down by the state of Michigan. We will determine the type of cage that we use based on the situation we find ourselves in. We ensure that the birds will be safely removed without harm being done to them.



How to Remove Birds From a Chimney

You might not expect it, but birds can nest in your chimney. This is actually one of the most common nesting spots for birds. And, in the summertime, birds might go here to get out of the heat. A chimney is shaded and secure so it is often the ideal place for nesting. 

Hearing chirping near your property is not great for you, though. Still, you can’t kill birds, even if they are in your chimney. Wildlife laws protect these animals and make it illegal to harm them. 

So, you need to get them out of your home humanely and safely. We’ll talk about how you can do this here throughout the rest of this post. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this wildlife issue.

How to Safely Remove Birds From Your Chimney:

  1. Make Sure That The Animal in Your Chimney is A Bird

You might think that the animal in your chimney is a bird, but sometimes bats can get in your chimney and nest in there as well. Bats make noises that can be similar to birds.  So, confirm what the animal is before you go through with your removal plan. 

You can do this by watching your chimney closely. If there are bats, they will fly out of your chimney at night. Once you know it’s a bird move on to the next step. 

  1. Use Loud Noises

One of the safest ways to remove birds on your property is by using loud noises. You can get a noise-making machine or bang other objects together, like pans, to get birds away from your house. Again, you can’t physically harm the birds or try to destroy any nests they have made. So, this will be the easiest way to get rid of them. Make these noises near the chimney to drive the birds off for good. 

  1. Use Ammonia

Another method you can use is ammonia fumes. You cannot smoke out birds on your property as this can cause lasting damage to the animals. But you can fan ammonia fumes into your chimney. This could take a few weeks to work properly, but this is another legal way to get rid of birds in this area of your home. 

  1. Contact A Professional

You might not be able to get rid of the birds yourself though. If none of the other methods have worked, call your local wildlife expert. They should be able to handle and relocate the birds in your chimney for you. You want birds to safely leave your house. So, this is the bird removal method that we suggest going with.

  1. Get Your Chimney Cleaned and Install a Screen

Once you have the birds out, get a chimney cleaning done by a professional. Nest materials and other debris and leftover droppings from the birds should be taken care of. Then have someone install a screen at the top of your chimney. Sealing this entry point will prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in the future. 

Contact Frank’s Wildlife Removal

Birds can be difficult to get rid of in general. However, when they are nesting in your chimney, it might be best to get a wildlife expert involved. Frank’s Wildlife Removal services are here to help you. We are fully licensed and able to remove and relocate any birds from your home to a safer location. 

Our wildlife removal is completely humane and highly effective. If you want this job to be done quickly and painlessly, contact us through our website, or call us at this phone number today, (810)-691-4967. 

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How to Keep Birds Out Of The Attic?

Birds soaring in the blue skies is a beautiful sight of nature. But when they invade your attic, that beauty transforms into horror. Although birds naturally build their nest on treetops, some nuisance species (like pigeons and starlings) have figured out the immense benefits of residing in the attic. Some include warmth, safety from predators, and proximity to food. 

Unfortunately, birds in the attic can quickly become problematic. Their incessant chirping sounds are the primary source of the disturbance. Not to mention the massive amount of waste they leave behind. Asides from the awful odor of their droppings, its acidic content also leads to the deterioration of metal, wood, and other structures in the attic. Moreover, bird poop can potentially carry harmful diseases and parasites. 

With all this, it only makes sense to prevent birds from becoming unwelcome visitors in your attic. This post explores how you can accomplish that!

Seal off the attic

Let’s face it; there’s no way birds can get into your attic if there is no entrance available. Hence, your first goal must ensure there’s no way for birds to get in. Thoroughly inspect your attic to look for potential entry holes like holes and cracks in the wall. Seal those holes with a wire mesh or even caulk. You can use a net or chicken wire for larger holes or openings. Ensure you use a tight net so smaller birds won’t be able to get through it. 

Try to conduct inspections regularly to identify vulnerable stops promptly and take the necessary actions required. 

Get rid of easy access to food on your property.

As noted earlier, birds love the attic because of the proximity to the food it provides. From leftovers in the garbage to outdoor pet food to fruits in the garden, birds can easily have their pick any time of the day. That’s why you must limit/eliminate access to easy food on your property. Some of the helpful tips to bear in mind include:

1) Do not leave pet food outside. You can feed your pets indoors instead of outdoors. 

2)  Cover your garbage cans adequately.

3) If bird feeders attract too many birds, consider moving the feeders farther away from your house. If that doesn’t solve the problem, remove the bird feeder for now.

4) Protect fruits and vegetables in the garden. Ensure you keep a clean garden by clearing fallen fruits and leaves from your garden. If possible, install a net over your garden.


Several kinds of repellents can deter birds from nesting in your attic. Common examples include:

  • Bird spikes

These pointy metal/plastic devices can be placed in areas frequented by birds (like rooftops) in your yard. The sharp edges prevent birds from landing in the future. 

  • Sound repellents

There are different types of sound repellents. A device as simple as radio can help keep birds away as birds get the sense that humans are close by from the radio’s voice. In recent years, ultrasonic sound repellents have become prominent, but their effectiveness is still debatable. 

  • Decoys

Plastic decoys of predators (like owls) can also keep birds away from the attic. However, ensure you move the decoy from time to time so birds won’t acclimate to it. 

  • Bird gel

This bird repellent is a solution that emits ultraviolet light and the scent of peppermint, which combines to make birds uncomfortable. Gels are very effective because they can last for two to four years. 

Get professional help

If nuisance birds have found their way into your attic and you’ve tried all you can to get rid of them to no avail, then it’s time to get a professional involved. 

Cleaning Up After The Birds

            Our team will perform a thorough check of the area once the birds are removed. We will document the damage done to the attic as well as what we cleaned up. The entrance that the bird used will be closed to ensure that the bird does not return. Any damage done to the home due to the infestation will also be repaired. The area will be cleaned thoroughly, assuring that diseases cannot be spread and any smell won’t linger. We will also give advice on how to prevent future infestations.

If you live in Michigan and need a bird problem resolved, call Frank’s Wildlife Removal today at (810) 691-4967!


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