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Exclusion And Repairs

After an animal is removed and the stress of an infestation is over, homeowners are left with another issue. An infestation will leave behind a swath of damage and can contaminate a room. Repairing the damage that an animal has done to the room they infested can be incredibly stressful. Luckily, Frank’s Wildlife Removal will help homeowners by performing the necessary repairs to the home. If you live in Michigan and have an issue with an infestation, give us a call today.


Damage That Animals Can Do

Animals will not only take advantage of holes in your home to enter, but they will create a wide variety of other holes to make travel more efficient or to use for their nests.

Entrance holes are, like the name implies, the hole used by the animal to enter the room in question. More often than not, animals that use these holes will chew or scratch around the hole to make it larger and more convenient to travel through. These holes need to be covered up in order to prevent a re-infestation. If the hole isn’t covered up than an animal will simply wander back into your home. Frank’s Wildlife Removal will go a step further and use materials that animals cannot chew through. This guarantees that the animal won’t come back into your home.

Animals will also do vast amounts of damage to your walls and insulation. Some animals will tear apart insulation and drywall to use for their nests and others will do damage to the walls in order to travel around more efficiently. This damage is important to repair as it can lead to structural support being compromised. If the damage is too extensive, the team will let you know and recommend that you hire a professional.

Why It’s Important To Repair Damage

If you don’t repair damage to your home then the animals will simply just return to your property. If damage to your home is neglected, it can lead to other problems as well. Damage that isn’t repaired can result in leaks, mold, mildew, and insect infestations. Non-repaired damage is also likely to cause problems to the structure of the building. If proper care isn’t taken, your property can fall into disrepair very quickly.

How We Fix The Problem

In order to fix the damage, our team is trained in basic home repairs. This means that we’ll be able to make the necessary repairs to your home to ensure that it remains safe and secure. We will also use materials that make re-infestation impossible, such as chew-proof filler. This will ensure that your home is protected from future infestations.

Our team will communicate the repairs we are making and let you know how extensive the damage is. This allows you to choose whether or not you want to hire a professional home repair service.

If you live in Michigan and suffer from an animal infestation, give Frank’s Wildlife Removal a call today at (810) 691-4967!


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