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Attic And Crawl Space Restoration

When it comes to animal removal, Frank’s Wildlife Removal is here to help you throughout the entirety of the process. This includes any repairs or restoration that needs to be done to your attic or crawl space. Because animals love to make their homes inside of these rooms it’s a common issue to have to remove them. We also understand the stress that comes with having to repair the room. If you live in the Michigan area and need to deal with an animal issue including the repairing of damage done by the animal, give Frank’s Wildlife Removal a call!

Issues Caused By Animals

Animals can cause a wide variety of damage when it comes to your home. Animals that infest your attics or crawl space aren’t able to clean up after themselves. As a result waste products from animals will build up. This creates a multitude of problems beyond the health risks associated with animal droppings building up in your home. Animal droppings can, for example, lead to infestations of flies and other bugs. Animal droppings also lead to damage to wood structures. Believe it or not, animal droppings contain a high enough pH to deteriorate the structure.

Animal droppings will also lead to a musty smell in the room that will spread throughout the house. This smell will get stronger as waste products are left to linger in the room. This smell can easily become overbearing.

If a bird manages to make its nest inside of your attic, you’ll find that there are even more issues. The bird’s nest is not only a blend of materials from the outside but it’s also full of waste. Bird nests cause a stench that is significantly stronger than animal droppings.

It should also be noted that animal infestations will create a mess in your room, to begin with. We will gladly clean this mess for you and ensure that your attic or crawlspace is left spotless and in a better state than we found it in.



Why Attic Restoration Is Important After Wildlife Removal

One of the most common questions asked here, at Frank’s Wildlife Removal, is “do I really need to invest in attic restoration after wildlife removal?”. So we have thought we’d take this time to answer this question in depth, once and for all.

First of all, why are people asking this?

We get it, naturally. People have just paid a serious amount of cash for the wildlife removal procedure itself, why would they want to fork out even more money? It’s in our nature to try to save money where we can, of course, but this isn’t one of those places. We seriously advise against skimping on attic restoration, and here’s why…

Why is attic restoration important after the removal of a wild animal?

Consider all the diseases. 

It doesn’t really matter what specific animal has been giving you trouble, whether it was a squirrel, rat or bat. All of these animals are well-known carriers of a wide array of serious diseases. And all of these diseases can easily be passed on to you and your family, through the presence of animal feces , dead animal carcasses, and so on. 

Now, you might tell yourself you can clean up the attic yourself, and that may be true to an extent. However, no matter how thorough your cleaning, it doesn’t really compare to the decontamination that a professional wildlife removal service can carry out. And this really isn’t something you want to fool around with, because even a small particle left behind can be enough to infect you, your child or your pet.

You’ll need some serious restoration.

Here, it depends what kind of animal you’ve got causing you attic problems, in the first place. But that only tells us what kind of damage to expect, because let’s face it, all wild animals cause some sort of damage to your property.

Raccoons, for example, have been known to trample insulation. Squirrels have been known to chew through electrical wires (there’s even been some talk of fires caused by a squirrel chewing the wires, so…). And bats leave behind corrosive droppings (also known as guano), which can in time seriously damage your furniture, and even the wooden structures inside your home. Here is a great resource to identify the animals in the attic.

Once again, restoration can be attempted by the homeowner, but usually, it’s unsuccessful. Not only that, it can come out costing more than the professional attic restoration service.

Seal entry points, prevent future invasions.

If you had an animal living inside your attic, then it stands to reason it came in somehow. A professional attic restoration service includes checking for animal entry points, and other possible weak points, sealing and reinforcing them. By doing this, we make sure that you don’t just call us back in a month or two, with the same problem. 

At the end of the day, it’s about ensuring safety.

One last thing that many homeowners fail to consider is that wildlife removal professionals, like the ones at Frank’s Wildlife Removal, have a lot of experience in making sure homes are safe again after an animal invasion.

By investing in our attic restoration service, you’re getting a professional opinion, and not only that, you’ve got a professional ensuring that your attic is completely safe for storage, living, and so on. And as we just saw above, we’re also making sure that you won’t get a wild animal visiting in another couple of months.

Verdict: do you really need attic restoration?

Our professional opinion here, at Frank’s Wildlife Removal, is that yes, you really do. Think about it. It’s natural to assume you’re saving money by doing everything yourself, but that’s not usually the case. Not in our experience.

Our attic restoration service will cost around $250-$550 per room, depending, of course, on the amount of damage and the complexity of the job. Sure, it sounds like a lot. But when you add up all the protective and cleaning supplies you’ll need to thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate, all the repair tools and materials, plus all the time you’ll spend, you come out a lot better just getting the attic restoration service! 

And best of all, you get it all done by a professional who has experience properly restoring an attic after wildlife removal!

The Importance of Cleaning Animal Nests in Attic

Let’s face it, even those homeowners most pressed for space are unlikely to turn their attics into living quarters. Most of us tend to utilize attics for storage, which also makes them a prime spot for animal invasions. The thing about attics is, you’re not using them, and they’re crammed full of junk. This ensures wild animals that they’re unlikely to get discovered, and subsequently hounded, and instead provides them with plenty of nesting material (like your furniture, cardboard, insulation, etc.).

Now, of course, if you’re dealing with a wild animal invasion in your attic, your first step will be to contact a wildlife removal company, or failing that, attempt to remove the wild animals yourself. Whichever one you choose, you might be tempted to think that’s where your responsibilities end – removing the nuisance intruder.

Why do you need attic restoration and cleaning?

If you look around the website of any wildlife removal company, one of their most popular services is of attic restoration and cleaning. And naturally, you’ll wonder why? After all, aren’t you able to sweep or mop the attic yourself? What’s the big deal?

Well, turns out animals aren’t your average accumulation of dirt and dust and removing wildlife nests from your attic after you’ve successfully removed the animals themselves, is paramount.

Wild animals are responsible for serious damage to the insulation, electric wires, and even the support structures in your attic. And so, not fixing these can put you and your family in serious danger, and may pose a fire or collapse hazard. 

Similarly, attic restoration services also specialize in identifying and sealing the animal’s entry point. And if you don’t do that, you’re just looking at more animal infestations in the near future. 

But what about the nest itself?

Because that’s what we were talking about. Okay, so you fix the wall or roof or whatever else the animal used to get into the attic in the first place, and obviously, you replace any damaged insulation or other damaged items.

But what about the nest?

Well, you need to remove the wild animal’s nest from your property, and it should actually be one of the first things you do after you’ve removed the animal. Why? Because nests are loaded with fur, skin, saliva, and even urine and feces. The presence of these is not something to joke around with, since they are contaminated with various pest diseases.

The droppings of wild animals like raccoons, opossums, or bats, are often contaminated with trichinosis, salmonellosis, or histoplasmosis. Leaving these to just sit around your property means allowing the bacteria to also thrive on your property, and endanger you and your family.

How can you remove the nest?

Obviously, removing the animal nest from your attic should be only part of your larger attic restoration and sanitation process. You can either hire the wildlife removal company to handle this aspect, as well or attempt to do the restoration and sanitation yourself.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind about DIY attic restoration and cleaning:

  • Wear adequate protection. You should never handle animal nests with your bare hands, as this risks exposing you to those very same diseases we’re trying to get rid of. Always cover your hands, skin, and ideally your face with a surgical mask, to avoid contamination.
  • Invest in strong cleaning chemicals. You want to ensure you kill all the bacteria that’s rife in your attic, or else you’re just inviting trouble.
  • Always take care when handling power tools. When replacing objects or sealing holes, be careful, and only use tools you’re confident with.

How We Do It

Frank’s Wildlife Removal uses a variety of methods to remove waste from your attic and restore it to its original state. Generally speaking, this process will cost around $250 – $550 for one room. When restoring an attic we first will tear out and replace the dirty insulation so that no smell can remain. We suggest using blow-up insulation for this as it will provide the most coverage when it comes to the area.

We will then vacuum up the area that was impacted the most by the animal infestation and ensure that we clean up every last sign that an animal was present in the room. We will ensure that the area is cleaned and that, if there happened to be an ‘animal’ smell in the room, the smell is gone. We ensure that the entirety of the area of spotless and in great shape. We use vacuums when cleaning up the waste products in the room.

If you live in Michigan and suffer from any animal-related issues, give Frank’s Wildlife Removal a call today at (810) 691-4967!


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