FAST & ACCURATE Attic And Crawl Space Restoration

Attic And Crawl Space Restoration

When it comes to animal removal, Frank’s Wildlife Removal is here to help you throughout the entirety of the process. This includes any repairs or restoration that needs to be done to your attic or crawl space. Because animals love to make their homes inside of these rooms it’s a common issue to have to remove them. We also understand the stress that comes with having to repair the room. If you live in the Michigan area and need to deal with an animal issue including the repairing of damage done by the animal, give Frank’s Wildlife Removal a call!

Issues Caused By Animals

Animals can cause a wide variety of damage when it comes to your home. Animals that infest your attics or crawl space aren’t able to clean up after themselves. As a result waste products from animals will build up. This creates a multitude of problems beyond the health risks associated with animal droppings building up in your home. Animal droppings can, for example, lead to infestations of flies and other bugs. Animal droppings also lead to damage to wood structures. Believe it or not, animal droppings contain a high enough pH to deteriorate the structure.

Animal droppings will also lead to a musty smell in the room that will spread throughout the house. This smell will get stronger as waste products are left to linger in the room. This smell can easily become overbearing.

If a bird manages to make its nest inside of your attic, you’ll find that there are even more issues. The bird’s nest is not only a blend of materials from the outside but it’s also full of waste. Bird nests cause a stench that is significantly stronger than animal droppings.

It should also be noted that animal infestations will create a mess in your room, to begin with. We will gladly clean this mess for you and ensure that your attic or crawlspace is left spotless and in a better state than we found it in.


How We Do It

Frank’s Wildlife Removal uses a variety of methods to remove waste from your attic and restore it to its original state. Generally speaking, this process will cost around $250 – $550 for one room. When restoring an attic we first will tear out and replace the dirty insulation so that no smell can remain. We suggest using blow-up insulation for this as it will provide the most coverage when it comes to the area.

We will then vacuum up the area that was impacted the most by the animal infestation and ensure that we clean up every last sign that an animal was present in the room. We will ensure that the area is cleaned and that, if there happened to be an ‘animal’ smell in the room, the smell is gone. We ensure that the entirety of the area of spotless and in great shape. We use vacuums when cleaning up the waste products in the room.

If you live in Michigan and suffer from any animal-related issues, give Frank’s Wildlife Removal a call today at (810) 691-4967!


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